Wildco BV

Storage, Logistics and Shipping of Oil and Gas Product and also with a connection for barges, ships, trains and trucks. 

A leading provider of transport and logistics services

Wildco BV Logistics and Shipping company is an independently integrated company incorporated in accordance to the Decree of the Belgium government and the Company is a group among the leading oil exporting, transportation and also operates shore storage tank leasing in terms of provision of innovation, efficiency and services in the oil exploration, transportation and oil storage.

Wildco BV Logistics and Shipping company carry out major transshipment on Black Sea waters, Baltic Sea, Japan Sea Water and Vladivostok Port. The company is enormously diversified and renders potential customers globally unique services and ensures customers guarantee and safety. 

We Provides All Facilities For Better Work Environment

Wildco BV Logistics and Shipping company operate oil terminal in different commercial seaport in Belgium, Netherlands,  Russia, and Houston in the USA.

These terminals are equipped with the ultra-modern facilities which intake Gasoline, Kerosene, Gas oil / Diesel, Biodiesel, Jet Fuel A1, Naphtha, Virgin Fuel, Chemicals Crude Oil and all kind of oil & gas products from railway tank cars, sea tankers, and pipeline, each of our terminal is supported by our own up-date laboratory for oil products quality and quantity control.

These terminals serves as oil bunkering and oil handling to vessels in our different port of operation, each of the bunkering and oil handling site are been equipped with tanks storage of various capacities for storing all kind of oil products, vapor generating facilities and technological pipelines for transporting oil products between the sites / cisterns and to be delivered into the tankers and bunkering vessels.

Wildco BV Logistics and Shipping company Flexible operating hours and fast loading and unloading times. On-site customs agents, document processing, and laboratories. All our sites are set up to make loading, unloading, and storing your product a quick and hassle-free process.